Karen Escort

Independent Blonde Escort in Paddington, London

Hey there! So glad you decided to stop by and check me out! Let’s begin by getting to know me a little and you can decide whether you want to see me in person or not.
So my name is Karen and I am a fun loving, excitement seeking the girl who enjoys pleasing her partner. As you may have guessed from the site already, I am offering London escort services in Paddington area. In fact, I like to take out my clients to fancy hotels in Paddington to have a wild night. For example, The Pilgrim Hotel, which is very intimate and stylish.
I have completed my education here and have lived here for the better part of my life, so if you want a companion to show you around I will be happy to be at your service.
You might have already gone through my pictures before reading this part, but in case you’re wondering what I’m wearing a wig, I’m not. The phrase “blonde girls like to have fun” applies two-fold for me! Also, it’s a fact that blue-eyed individuals can tolerate their alcohol levels. Well, that is very true for this blue-eyed girl.
I am an average height of about 170 cm, and my bust is a 34 C. Oh, it’s all natural in case you were wondering. I don’t enjoy laying around in the sun all day that’s the reason I have smooth pale skin, and I rock it! Fitness is in the top 3 of my hobbies. In fact, it’s more of a lifestyle than a hobby. Got to look like a snack 24/7 am I right? I try to work out every day but that’s not possible for me, so I do it whenever I can. Although, in my line of work, it’s quite easy to break a sweat so that is not a worry at all! When it comes to food, I like to treat my body like a temple and only eat what’s fresh. I try to avoid packaged foods as much as I can.
Apart from fitness, my other hobbies include, swimming, I am a great swimmer, I know all the styles! Cooking, since I have to remain fit. Italian food, oh I love white sauce portions of pasta and pizzas! Shopping, this one is kinda a no-brainer. I love shopping and can proudly say that I am good at it, I kinda have to be. And lastly, dancing. I am a great dancer. I do a great freestyle, slow rhythm, salsa, tango. Basically, I’m experienced in many dance forms. Of course, you cannot expect me to flaunt a traditional Indian style, however, I will definitely try my best from what I have in my mind haha.
As I mentioned briefly, I am a Paddington escort and have lived here all of my life. Thus, I am quite familiar with the attractive hang out spots and have been into the nightlife scene for some time now. If you’re new in town and have no clue what to do, hit me up and I’ll show you a wonderful time! If sightseeing suits your interests more than being a part of the nightlife, I can be your lose’ personal tour guide. Jokes apart, I can be of major help to you in this area. We could take a walk near the rich historical sites around here. Personally, I love this city! I feel so much positivity here and love being a part of it. The people are friendly, and I get whatever I want right here. The party life is good and that is one of the important things for me!

Continuing with our topic, I could show you some cool places and then we could find a nice place to sit and grab a bite to eat. Then we could talk and see how things go from there *wink*. This blonde escort knows exactly what she is doing and can guarantee that your experience will be an unforgettable one! I am a very pleasing personality after all.
After our magical date, if you want a place to relax and take a load off, we could head back to your place, or, we could even spend some quality time at my private apartment which is in South Kensington. Now, this need not really be mentioned, but I really value my and my guest’s privacy. This means that if you’re looking to spend some time away from your wife or girlfriend with London escorts, you could blindly trust me that our meeting will be staying Fort Knox. You will not have to worry about your wife or your girlfriend finding out. In fact, if they even call to check I will maintain pin drop silence while doing what I had set out too haha. But seriously, that will not be a problem. Needless to say, if your significant other video calls, I will make myself scarce. Oh, and my apartment looks very similar to a hotel room, so there is that.
After having read this bit, I kindly request you to take a look at the picture gallery where you can see me once again. All the pictures you see have been taken recently and I look exactly like the person in them! By the way, since I’m so good at photography, that is one of my hobbies as well. I love clicking myself and getting clicked, and when I’m in the mood, even recorded. However, that is a story for later.
So, I hope to hear from you regarding our little secret meeting. Talk to me once and you can just relax and leave the rest to me. I will make our encounter unforgettable and will make you enjoy it as much as I would.

When it comes to men, the phrases circulating around on social media nowadays such as “girls like bad boys”, or “girls lowkey enjoy it when a boy treats them like dirt”, are all made up by men themselves according to me. These are not qualities that a girl desires! Sure, the phrase about bad boys is true, but a bad boy is not one who would intentionally treat a girl like dirt or hurt her intentionally. In fact, a bad boy is one that does not give a care about what the world thinks and just does what he feels is right. He does not need any sort of validation from anyone. Those are the kind of bad boys I like!
Moving on, I feel good manners are rare nowadays. It has become quite a rare occurrence to watch a man hold a door open for a girl or pull out a chair for her. I really value such gestures and a man who can behave that way with me is one hundred percent in my good books and I will definitely go the extra mile and more in making him happy!
Also, I prefer my men like I prefer my wine, a little mature. Men above 30 who are also gentlemen are what I prefer. They just warm my heart and I feel the need to do whatever I can to make them happy. And believe me, I do just that!
I also enjoy my men mature. Sure, a good sense of humor goes a long way, but understanding about making a joke and making a fool of yourself is what separate the boys from the men. Oh, and since I maintain a top-notch level of personal hygiene, I expect the man to do his part there, thank you very much.
Bargaining about prices makes me feel undervalued *sad face*. Please don’t bargain with my prices as it is the same as bargaining with my time. I respect your time, so I request you to respect mine as well. Speaking of time, any bookings must be made a few hours prior to when you actually want to meet me. In the event that you have to cancel, kindly do not leave it until the last minute to let me know. All my efforts would have gone to waste by then.
Whatever we decide on the call, I expect to be paid right in the start. I’m being paid for my time which is why it makes this whole deal very important for me.
Anything apart from this is a mutual agreement between two adults and how comfortable we both get with each other *wink*!